What is the games industry – and why does it matter?

The games industry is a unique ecosystem comprised of highly talented, well-educated, motivated and creative individuals making and distributing games.

The growth rate, economic impact and financial success of the games industry as entertainment are all well-documented in many countries. Supporting industries, with specialised technologies and services for game development, have flourished right alongside the games industry as well.

Though it’s quite clear that the games industry has also had a unique, disruptive influence on media, communication and entertainment – something likely to continue for generations to come – we have only begun to see the early effects of games design and technology on learning, training and organisation.

Thus for a wide range of economic, cultural, political (and therefore, strategic) reasons, it is in the national interest of every country to have (and support) its own thriving games industry.

What is The Games Conspiracy – and how can we help?

The Games Conspiracy helps to build and stimulate national games industries, in conjunction with the cultural and strategic goals of our clients. We have a proven network and methodology, as well as a successful track record in several European countries.

The Games Conspiracy also advises global corporations, associations and treaty organisations, as well as NGOs, on “games-aware” strategies.

By adopting a targeted program with clear, measurable goals that encompasses today's most important driver for shifts in technology, communications and culture – games – you can ensure the vitality and growth of this key global industry for your own country or organisation.

Contact us today to learn more at info@thegamesconspiracy.com References and further information available on request.

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